Videos: You Might Lose Me If….

By Jane Atkinson

decisionmakerLetter from the Decision Maker

Dear Speaker,

When it comes to impressing me with your video, you have about 45 seconds.

When I have a list of possible speakers in front of me, I am swift with the “next” button. I don’t have time for things that don’t interest me or aren’t relevant to my work.

You might lose me if:

– In the first minute of your video you haven’t said anything. Bells and whistles don’t impress me.

– You say “hire me, I’m a speaker”. I’m looking for experts who want to help me solve a problem.

– You have distracting or poor quality footage.

– There’s no footage of you speaking live. I’m impressed by media footage, but if I’m hiring a speaker, I want to see you speaking on the stage. (And not in the 5th minute, I don’t have time!)

Sincerely, Decision Maker

The winners of the best speaking video will be announced next week.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers.

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