Wealthy Speaker Success Tips: October

By Jane Atkinson

Welcome to our new success tips monthly post. I’m collecting tips from my clients and colleagues – quick ideas to grow your business. Enjoy and please share!

Blogging for Business Growth
– Ryan Estis, Business Performance for the New Economy

Blogging has changed everything for me. It’s boosted my opportunities, helped me form and develop connections and relationships, and it’s changed my thinking in ways I never expected.

After five years, my blog has become a catalyst that fuels sales growth. I speak at events, meet new people; and they stay connected with me through my blog. When the writing resonates with them, they reach out. That feedback alone is invaluable.

But it gets better. I frequently get emails and LinkedIn messages that start with “Two years ago, we met…” Those emails result in closed sales (twice so far this week). Beyond the writing, you’re developing an archive of sales assets and staying connected with the people that benefit from your ideas.

PR with a Focus
– Kate White, Bestselling Author, Career & Business Success Strategies, Former
Editor & Chief, Cosmopolitan

Here’s something I found about PR. Don’t bother with Hufpo or places with broad readership, even though it may seem appealing to be on a site with so many readers. The blogs and articles that drive the most traffic to my website are those that appear on sites that are very targeted-like Learnvest. Learnvest is a site that covers only money and careers (my area of expertise!)

Move the Spotlight onto the Outcomes
– Joe Calloway, Business Performance Coach, Author of Becoming a Category of One

I have changed my marketing to focus less on me and more on the results that I create. My positioning is that I bring relevant, powerful ideas on business performance and growth to help great companies get even better.

“Joe Calloway” isn’t really the important part of the marketing – the ideas are. My audiences don’t care about me – they care about their own businesses and the results that I can help them create.

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Moving the spotlight off of me has helped me develop a whole new world of clients.

I’ll seen you soon Wealthy Speakers!


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