Wealthy Speaker University: Grow Your Business!

By Jane Atkinson

Last year we had some amazing participants in our Wealthy U programs – from emerging speakers all the way through to 15 year ($15K+) veterans. And we’re getting ready to open enrollment for 2015.


If you are a SEASONED SPEAKER and have been thinking:

  • I’d really like to expand my business and reinvent myself
  • I need to work on my content to become even more relevant
  • I’d like to make over my marketing and develop language that wins the business more often
  • It would be nice to be around other professionals with the same challenges as me…

Then check out our Wealthy U Masters program (featuring myself and our amazing faculty member, Joe Calloway and Kris Young) for 5 year + speakers.

Click here to see the Masters curriculum.

If you are an EMERGING SPEAKER and want to kick start your business, we’ll cover:

  • How to choose a lane that is going to be profitable
  • What to put in your marketing and website that will get you booked
  • How to develop strong language based on your client’s needs
  • The keys to creating an EPIC keynote.

Check out our Bachelors Class for year’s 1-4 speakers.

Click here to see the Bachelors curriculum.

Feel free to write your questions to me at [email protected]

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

P.S.These programs sell out EVERY YEAR. Don’t wait to hold your spot in the program!