The Wealthy Speaker: Will you Have a Wealthy New Year?

By Jane Atkinson

The word “wealthy” is so subjective – one person’s definition of wealthy might be quite different from another person’s.

For instance, you might determine that being “wealthy” means:

  • a large bank account (and/or investments)
  • paying the bills and living comfortably
  • traveling and having fun (freedom of time)
  • enough money to retire in comfort
  • not trading your time for money (lifestyle)
  • making a good living loving what you do and helping the world

For those of you who have struggled with getting ahead, some mental re-conditioning might be in order. (For more on this check out Chapter 1 in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 or our new Wealthy Meditation Audio).

Here are a few ideas for moving into The Wealthy Speaker mode in 2015:

1. Focus. Many of my clients struggle because they are trying to work on too many projects and launches at once. Pick one or two initiatives at a time and follow them through from beginning to end.

2. Mentors. Look for a coach or mentor who has experience and specializes in the areas where you specifically need help. I’ve had a coach for 3 years, which has resulted in moving me much closer to my definition of “wealthy”.

3. Take the Right Actions. Have you ever taken action and it has NOT paid off? I know I have, and strategy combined with the actions that are going to get results are the keys!

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In 2015, we are offering 2 amazing programs at The Wealthy Speaker University to help move you towards your definition of “wealthy”.

The Bachelors Class – for Emerging Speakers – has 6 spots left – starts January 13th.

The Masters Platinum Class – for Seasoned Speakers – has 6 spots left – starts March 27th.

Both of these programs sell out quickly, so if you have questions or are interested, email us at [email protected]. Don’t delay!

What is your definition of wealthy?  Your comments are welcome.

Happy New Year, Wealthy Speakers!