Who is Your Website About?

By Jane Atkinson

Logically, you might think that your website should be all about you, after all, the client is hiring you to speak for their group.

That was true 5-10 years ago. But since companies have been put under scrutiny for how they spend their conference dollars, ROI (return on investment) has become more important.

As my friend Brian Palmer of National Speakers Bureau says “clients no longer want to hire “speakers,” they want to hire smart people who happen to speak.” 

It’s with this new idea in mind that we want to focus our websites on the outcomes of our work and not just our speaking, but our entire body of w Websites ork – books, consulting, training, everything that we do to deliver our message.

So what is the bottom line?

Do what I call the “marketing flip flop” and make it about them (your audience, your clients) and the outcomes of your work, and people will be more likely to lean in.

Unless you are an entertainer, if I come to your website and it says “hire me, I’m a speaker”, you may be missing out on business.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!


PS: There are 3 days left to nominate a website for our Best Website Contest. If your website is “them focused”, then please submit it!