What do cows have to do with risks in speaking?

By Jane Atkinson

A few weeks ago one of my clients, a technology
futurist named Scott Klososky took a risk during
his presentation.

While speaking to a group of CEO’s, he was making
the point that we all need to do more to give back
to the world and that technology makes it easier
than ever.

He then went on to purchase a cow live during his
presentation from a charity called
https://www.heifer.org. Heiffer provides a
pregnant cow to a family in an impoverished
country and the family that receives the cow (for
daily milk, etc.) gives the calf to another
family. The lives of 2 families were changed with
one click of his mouse.

The risk for Scott wasn’t buying the cow for $500
in front of the group, it was challenging his
audience to do more.

This holiday, I would like to take a risk.

Normally, I would purchase a gift of some sort for
my coaching clients. Sometimes a Starbuck’s gift
card, or personalized stationery. But this year,
I’d like to buy my clients a cow to say the

Thank you for your business this year. I
appreciate you and want to demonstrate this
by paying it forward to a family who needs us

I think my clients will appreciate the intention.

So how can you take a risk this holiday season?

What could you give your clients that would have

How can you think outside of your usual routine to
do something different?

What’s your cow?

Perhaps you’ll give an entrepreneur some seed
money through https://www.kiva.org

Maybe there is something closer to home, like the
NSA Foundation’s Katrina Fund? Or a fellow
speaker who could use a helping hand?

If we all took just one risk, something that we
wouldn’t normally do, what would the results be?

Incidentally, Scott’s presentation resulted in
donations pouring in to https://www.heifer.org and
started a wave of something positive. Families
received cows, chickens and a host of animals that
would change their lives, possibly forever.

His risk paid off.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.