What Would Jim Do?

By Jane Atkinson

In a recent conversation with a client, we were discussing the idea of positioning as an expert vs. a speaker.

Because my client is a business author, I suggested he think about business authors that he admires when making decisions about his business.

He said he admired James Collins, author of ‘Good to Great’.

‘Okay perfect’, I said.

He suggested a little later in the conversation the idea of him personalizing each demo video that went out, with a little message from him for each client.

‘Not a bad idea’ I said, ‘do you think that Jim Collins would do that?’

‘Well, probably not’.

Later we were discussing the merits of putting your photo on your business card.

I said ‘would Jim Collins put his photo on his business card’?

‘Probably not…. point taken’.

When establishing yourself as an expert, think about an expert that you admire and ask yourself what they would do in the same situation.

I stopped short of asking my client to wear a WWJD bracelet.  He got the point – loud and clear.

Happy expert-cution!

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