What’s a Social Media Listening Station?

By Jane Atkinson

listeningToday’s teleclass ‘Creating Fame Using Social Media’ has been postponed until January.

Our guest expert Laura Roeder felt really bad about having to reschedule. So she wanted to pass along this exclusive video as an apology.

It’s about how to set up a Social Media Listening Station. I’ve used this, it took 11 minutes, and it’s very cool for those of you who are actively online and want to know what’s being said about you. Here’s the link (a bonus to all). https://www.lauraroeder.com/speaker-launcher- exclusive/


Thursday, January 7th at 1pm Eastern
Topic: Creating Fame Using Social Media
Guest Expert: Laura Roeder

If you didn’t sign up for the call today and would like to join in on Jan. 7th, click here to register: https://www.speakerlauncher.com/teleclass.html

If you did register and can’t make it, a free MP3 audio will be made available to you. (Just drop me a line).

See you in January!

PS: Pricing Note: It surprises me that a few people still pay to participate in my teleclasses. Wealthy Speaker purchasers gain access to these classes at no charge. Why would you pay $19.95 to be in the class when the book is only $17? (And you get an incredible book!)  I’m just saying…..