What’s Your Game Changer?

By Jane Atkinson

Movies, stand up comedy and even pizza are seeing evolutions in their business models that are game changers.

Here in Canada (home of the overpriced pizza) Little Caesars developed the $5 hot and ready pizza. Total game changer. Why pay $20 when you can pick one up for $5?

Comedian Louie CK offered up his latest live video on his website without any restrictions for a $5 immediate download. Unheard of since pirates could have a field day, but he did it fearlessly and created a game changer. He also made a bundle. https://ow.ly/8m4fu

In his latest movie, Newlyweds, Indy film producer Ed Burns got story ideas from Twitter, found some of his stars on YouTube, offered an unsigned artist a song in his movie and made it available directly for download. All game changers. https://ow.ly/8m4er

What’s your version of game changer in your business?

Joe Calloway doesn’t always give speeches, he’s often asked to interview a CEO on stage, allowing the corporate message to be heard in a unique and interesting way. (And no one makes others look like heros better than Calloway, so of course, his clients love it!)

How can you create something that no one else has done before?

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

ps: My game changer a few years back was developing my group coaching model. It’s been very successful and has now evolved into The Wealthy Speaker University. We have just 1 or 2 spots open. Please check this out and drop me a line to check availability and wait lists. https://wealthyspeakeru.com/