The Buzz Meter: When Your Marketing Falls into Place

By Jane Atkinson

As a coach, reinvention or changing lanes (topics) is something I tend to see frequently. People come to me with a laundry list of potential topics and we whittle them down, pick one, and massage the language into something marketable.

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it takes months. When a client calls or emails and has an advanced level of excitement in their voice, I know “the buzz meter” has gone off! They have found the right path. It’s like the last piece of the puzzle slipping into place.

Unfortunately, for some of my clients with short attention spans, the buzz meter is going off morning, noon and night. At some point you just have to pick a lane or you will be chasing your tail for months, possibly years. When you feel confident in your lane, your target market and your marketing language it allows you to easily tell others.

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Then they get excited and become your ambassadors. It’s a beautiful thing! Has your buzz meter gone off about your existing brand? Share your comments below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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