Where are You on Your “S Curve”?

By Jane Atkinson
Ashridge Business School
Ashridge Business School

There’s that old saying, what goes up must come down.

And if you believe the philosophy behind the S curve in business, you’ll understand why.

In last months Voice of Experience (NSA’s monthly audio) Mike Rayburn talked about the S curve and how you need to re-engineer your business before you get to the bottom of the cycle.   Sage advice.

For those of you on the way up, you can still use this guide to prepare.

But I have a suspicion that if you’ve been in the speaking business for more than 7 years, this snake like curve has lashed out to bite you in the butt a time or two.

Often (as Michael Gerber so eloquently puts it) we are working IN our business so much that we forget to work ON our business.

Many speakers can’t see the forest for the trees because they are simply too caught up in the day- to-day of the biz.

So here’s one idea…..

Blow up a diagram of an S Curve (you can google to find one that you like – Ashridge Business School of the UK was kind enough to loan me theirs) and post it on your business bulletin board.

Using stickers, post-its or push pins track where you are in your business with the date and keep moving it each month. Now you can consciously track your business swings.

😥 (Warning, may be related to mood swings!)

When you look at your curve and find yourself at the bottom, trying to figure out how to pick up and start again, (here comes my shameless plug) think about dropping me a line. I am known for helping people out of the forest and I have a whole new host of programs that can help you catapult. https://www.speakerlauncher.com/coaching.html

Gotta run so I can print my S curve right now!!!