Who’s Got Your Back?

By Jane Atkinson

We’ve all heard the message that we need to stop working IN our business – on a regular basis – to work ON our business.

When you get sucked into the vortex of day-to-day business “to do’s”, it’s easy to forget to move your strategy forward.

So how do you ensure that you stop to strategize on a regular basis? Here’s my formula:

SET THE GOALS. Everybody is used to sitting down a couple of days after the New Year to set out their goals, but when are we accountable for moving those goals forward? There are many different systems, but I believe the most productive people review their goals on a daily basis.

PUT THE TEAM IN PLACE. Whether you have a mastermind group, a business networking group or a team of staffers, meeting with other people to hold yourself accountable can be highly effective.

MEET REGULARLY. My Mastermind team meets every two weeks; so I know that at least every two weeks I am going to think about my business strategy. This is more than worth the cost of joining. (Note: there are many free masterminds, but I wanted to ensure I had some very smart people leading the group, so joined a paid group).

MAKE IT A PRIORITY.  I could blow off some of the mastermind calls but I make moving my business forward my #1 priority. Are you making your business strategy a #1 priority?

I hope this post will get you thinking about stopping to work ON your business on a regular basis.

If you’d like to share your success formula, please post a comment below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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