Why Speaking Businesses Fail

By Jane Atkinson
I have been involved in the speaking industry for 25+ years and in a few different capacities. This has allowed me to view the speaker’s world from different sides of the prism. The advantage of this, which I now bring to my coaching business, is that I know what is needed for a speaker to find success… and also why many speaking businesses fail.
One major reason that some speakers never find the success they are looking for, and in many cases deserve, is because they fail to reveal to the world exactly what they have to offer and their full worth. It is an inability to properly market themselves, so they effectively reach their target client.
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Earlier this week we held a webinar, 5 Speaker Success Stories: What They Did To Make It Happen. In the webinar, we revealed the story of five speakers and demonstrated key points in their marketing that help them to position themselves in their market and get booked (at higher fees!!). We showcased all the ‘right’ things they are doing with their marketing – and highlighted some marketing no-nos.

We knew the information we revealed on this webinar would be a huge value to our community, so we recorded it. Click HERE if you’d like access to the replay or click the button below:


 One thing I’ve learned over the years, working with thousands of speakers, is that it is not just about the individual marketing tools you use. It is creating a strategy for bringing all the tools together, so they work in conjunction to showcase you to the world. I know the formula that works. We’ve used it for years to help speakers build 6 & 7 figure businesses!
If you are ready to catapult your speaking business, we are opening a new 16-week Accelerate Your Speaking Business course on November 2nd at Wealthy Speaker U. In this course, we teach you the formula needed to position yourself as an expert and get paid what you are worth.

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See you soon Wealthy Speakers!