If Your Business Plan Includes

"Speaking for Money"

(and plenty of it!)



 The proven action steps for commanding big fees, 
getting booked solid, and building a public speaking business that puts lifestyle first.


No matter how the business evolves (virtual, hybrid or otherwise), the framework for success remains the same!  And I have the formula that thousands of speakers have followed to create a highly profitable speaking business!

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Ready, Aim, Fire

The keystone to all of our programs is our Ready, Aim, Fire process. This proven formula for business acceleration takes you through the process of starting, building, and growing a successful speaking business. 

The Wealthy Speaker Formula:

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The Foundation for Success.
This is where we gain clarity around what we are selling and develop some marketing language. We have a saying around here, "clarity equals confidence."

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The Marketing that Helps You Stand Out! This is all about marketing and your website. Let's ensure you have a clear message and that your prospects can see immediately how you are going to help them.

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An Ongoing Strategy to Keep You Top of Mind.
Once we have clarity around our message and a website that supports it, we can start "firing" off to our target audience. This is where the fun begins!


Which are you?

Emerging Speaker

"I've done some public speaking. Now I want to get paid for it."

Rising Superstar

"I'm getting paid to speak but I'd like to raise my fee - and no more haggling!"


"I'm making great money, but I'm sick of airplanes and I want to go big-time."

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What our clients have to say...

"When I hired Jane, my business was just a few months old and I'll admit, it was a big investment. However, within 6 months I raised my fee twice, hired help and now continuously pinch myself that my dream of becoming a speaker came true so quickly, much in part to Jane's generous wisdom and guidance."
Kindra Hall
CEO Steller Collective
"I thought I was clear on the value I bring to the audience from the stage and my interactions with them. Jane’s brilliance helped me understand that I was playing small and gave me tools, resources and fostered relationships that cut the learning/doing curve by years."​
Orlando Bowen
Former Pro Football Player, Resilience Expert
"I read your book The Epic Keynote today and it is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Yes I am shouting from my little stilettos! You have created such a valuable must read for every speaker – thank you for sharing your brilliance."
Neen James
Author of Be AH-Mazing™
“What changed for me working with Jane?
Everything! We’ve been working together since the beginning and a few years later we are on our way to building a multi-millon dollar business. She is the definitive Speaker Launcher.”
Ryan Estis
Performance Expert
"I had a terrific speaking business pre-Jane, but working with her allowed me to see opportunities that I otherwise would have missed. I have a better understanding of how to work with agents and bureaus and how to keep my pipeline full using assets that I already have."
Ozan Varol
Rocket Scientist turned Award-Winning Professor and Author


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