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Welcome Emerging Speaker!


Who Is An Emerging Speaker?

Emerging Speakers are those who are either exploring adding speaking as a revenue stream or who have already started speaking, mostly for free or very low fees. 


If this is YOU… and you want to build a successful speaking business right from the get-go, then follow the steps below to begin your journey!


Step #1:

Purchase the Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Book

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is the ONE book that every person looking to become a professional speaker and make a business of it MUST have!

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 helps you navigate through the minefield of costly marketing mistakes made by many speakers trying to build a successful business. If you want to start a speaking business off on the right foot so you can book more gigs and get higher fees, you NEED this book!

Step #2:

Take the 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Speaker Business Video Mini-Course

In this Wealthy Speaker School mini-course, we’ll walk you through the essential first steps to starting a speaking business. It’s our Ready, Aim, Fire process and it’s the key to starting your business off on the right foot!

Step #3:

Enroll in The Wealthy Speaker School

The Wealthy Speaker School is an online learning center that provides you with all the tools, resources and knowledge needed to build the speaking business of your dreams.


Our courses are designed to help you with every area of building a speaking business and you can work through them at your own pace.