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[Podcast] Winning Body Language for Powerful Presentations with Mark Bowden

What we say with our bodies can be almost as important as what comes out of our mouths. Few people know this more than Mark Bowden. Mark is a keynote speaker, presentation trainer, and author of three books about body language. In this cerebral episode, Mark talks about the nonverbal skills that speakers can use to win over an audience.

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Show Notes:

[1:22] Mark discusses his path to being a speech coach and how his business works.

[5:01] How important is body language to a good keynote?

[7:49] Mark talks about making a good first impression, especially during a speech.

[11:49] What are some common body language mistakes that keynoters make?

[17:19] “Nonverbal communication is there to tell other human beings how we think and feel.”

[18:11] The biggest nonverbal turnoff for an audience is…

[22:47] What kind of preparation does Mark do before he walks on stage?

[25:38] If the energy in the room dips, what can you do to get it back?

[33:10] Should you ever hide behind a podium? Should you pace around the stage?

[39:50] Physical appearance is a big deal!

[42:24] What is the ideal way to open a presentation?

[45:36] Mark fields some questions from the live audience.

[46:05] How can you avoid distracting gestures?

[51:26] Is there a “wrong” color to wear on stage?

[55:46] If you don’t start out with good body language, can you recover? When is it “game over”?

[58:15] How does Mark usually work with his clients?

Connect with Mark at http://truthplane.com. You can watch his TEDx Talk at: http://truthplane.com/tedxtoronto

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