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Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are talking about how to use video to help grow your speaking business. Today we are so fortunate to be joined by my good friend Dan Thurmon, who is here to share his expertise on what makes great video and how to use it in your business.

Dan isn’t just a world-renowned Hall of Fame keynote speaker. He’s also an author, entrepreneur, workplace performance expert, fitness advocate, acrobat, unicyclist (even on mountains – yes, really), drummer, and is (in his late forties) learning flying trapeze!

Watch the podcast below:

Listen the podcast below:

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Why video works well today.  [1:30]
  • Why video is critical for me.  [6:15]
  • Suggestions for phenomenal video.  [10:15]
  • Requirements to make a great video.  [17:35]
  • Different uses for video.  [29:35]
  • Using video on social media.  [34:20]
  • How long should a video be?  [39:55]
  • Final thoughts.  [46:25]

Dan is the author of two books, a renowned speaker, and a recognized expert in delivering peak performances – on stage and in the workplace. As president of Motivation Works, Inc., he has worked with hundreds of clients and delivered thousands of presentations worldwide. Dan helps organizations and individuals implement actions plans and move confidently through transitions.

He incorporates his lifelong performance skills to create high impact events. His programs have educated and uplifted Fortune 500 companies, young audiences, and even the troops on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dan’s philosophy can be summarized by the title of his book, Off Balance On Purpose. He believes that we will never achieve “perfect balance” and should, instead, learn to embrace

uncertainty and initiate positive changes that lead to growth.  Also, we should go beyond the pursuit of “success” and enhance our life experiences and professional endeavors with

purposeful, positive contributions.

If you would like some ideas on how to create current and relevant videos that will help catapult your speaking business to the next level, this episode is a must see!

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